The Investor can ask Maintenance Department for help regardless of time. You can contact us:

  • by calling directly Maintenance Department where you can talk to the qualified specialists, and not the programmed machines
  • by e-mail:
  • by EhrleMaintenance System intended for the Investors

24 hours is an average response time. We can also boast about the additional improvements that reduce this time even by half.
It is possible by means of:

  • many well qualified service persons in almost every corner of our country who are able to fix the damage at short notice
  • constant cooperation between EHRLE Polska and EHRLE GmbH as well as frequent deliveries from the factory placed in Illertissen
  • special Spare Parts Storage System available in our warehouse (it makes it easier to find the needed parts at short notice)
  • efficient and well qualified service persons who have wide technical knowledge and are able to diagnose the problem on site. Their vehicles are fully equipped with the professional tools and spare parts so that they can immediately fix the damage.
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