Prolongation of warranty

Each EHRLE carwash is under 2–year warranty. The Investor has, however, the possibility to prolong it by next months even up to 5 years. We are certain of the reliable technique, and Investor can count on the warranty service.

Certified Quality of EHRLE washing

EHRLE company rewards honest Investors who use the original chemicals of the producer, original spare parts and who regularly use EHRLE maintenance. All that guarantees top quality of vehicle washing and such carwashes are marked with the sign of Certified Quality of EHRLE washing. The sign is put on the carwash and on the virtual map of EHRLE carwashes.

Loyalty system for the Customers

Many carwashes have their regular customers. There are not only the individual drivers but also taxi companies and transportation companies among them. It is definitely worth preparing the special offer of non–cash payment for these customers, for example: EHRLE Key System or Card System.

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