Produced in Germany and dedicated to EHRLE technology containers which have been prepared for work in hard, extreme conditions.

EHRLE CarWashes work successfully also during winter season. Minus 15 degrees Celsius is the temperature in which CarWash still works, that is guaranteed by the producer. Despite the snow and frost, washing vehicles with EHRLE machines is not only possible but also safe.

How is that possible? EHRLE uses 6 frost-proof systems:

Frost-proof system I includes:

  • WAB water tank (there is an internal tank or external underground one, depends on the type)
  • water circuit with an external thermostat which controls the temperature of the environment
  • valve for the automatic control of WAB water tank

Frost-proof system II includes:

  • thermostatically controlled electric heaters of 2kW thermal efficiency, installed in technique and AquaClean modules and in the CarWash technology container,
  • electric heaters installed in operating terminals in each washing bay (both LCE and safe-terminals)

Frost-proof system III includes:

emergency frost-proof system which works when the power is off. Ones the electrical current is off, this system starts to operate. Magnetic valve opens the water supply. Water flows through the whole water system of the carwash directly to the frost-proof tank, and then gets out to the sump

Frost-proof system IV includes:

heating system in form of PEX pipes system. It heats the concrete floor in the washing bays. System starts working upon low outside temperature.

NEW! At the request of investor there is the possibility to install double system of floor defrost

Frost-proof system V includes:

additional insulation of technology container which protects it against hard frost (optional)

Frost-proof system VI

Keep warm: lance container is placed between the carwash modules (in outdoor version), so it is protected against frost and lance does not freeze.


Every carwash, both in module and container version, has also heating system for heating the water in each washing programme and in floor heating system. Boilers give back part of the heat to the module or container, additionally heating them.

Moreover, module sides have special thermal layer which keeps the proper temperature inside the module.

EHRLE in winter weather
EHRLE in winter weather
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