1–bay carwash SmartWash and SmartWash Plus is directed especially to the towns or where the investment area is limited. Small carwash doesn’t mean less profits. It is a perfect complement to the run business, like for example petrol station, vehicle control station or car service.

SmartWash is an economical, easy to use and compact type of the 1–bay self–service EHRLE CarWash. The machine provides safe and modern vehicles washing. Thanks to the touchless technology the dirt is quickly and effectively removed by Active Power Pearl MicroPowder mixed with jet of warm, soft water.

The machine is available in standard version equipped with the water softener system as well as in SmartWash Plus version – besides the water softener system, it is also equipped with reversed osmosis system. Water in 1–bay carwash is warmed up electrically or by oil.

SmartWash construction

Compact type of the 1–bay self–service EHRLE CarWash


Modern „Smart” construction

The construction gives totally new look, more elegant for sure, the whole machine looks splendidly and modern. What is more – it is economical! Aluminium parts, polycarbonate panels or arched roof refer to DesignPro® construction. SmartWash and its new construction constitutes complete and attractive product.


Technical data

Technical data SmartWash SmartWash Plus
Wash bays 1 1
Dosing systems per wash bay 1 1
Loyalty system KeySystem ○ KeySystem ○
Payment coins, tokens, key KeySystem ○, banknotes ○ coins, tokens, key KeySystem ○, banknotes ○
Washing programmes 4 4
Additional brush
EHRLE "Active Foam" programme
Controlling system ● (on side) ● (on side)
Service alerts
Made in Germany Germany
Certificate CE, VDA CE, VDA
Control system computer SIEMENS, PC computer SIEMENS, PC
Dimensions L x W x H 175(325) x 120 x 82 cm 175(325) x 120 x 105 cm
Water consumption per wash bay 400 - 660 l/h 400 - 660 l/h
Max pressure 135bar 135bar
Working pressure 30 - 120 bar (liquid) 30 - 120 bar (liquid)
High pressure pump 900 obr./min. 900 obr./min.
Water heating oil / electrical oil / electrical
Burner power 35 kW (oil), 6/12 kW (electr.) 35 kW (oil), 6/12 kW (electr.)
Boiler volume 10 l (oil), 50 l (electr.) 10 l (oil), 50 l (electr.)
WAB tank 40 l 40 l
Water softening capacity 1x32 cbm/⁰dH 1x32 cbm/⁰dH
R/O system Capacity: to 1440 l/dobę*
Osmosis tank volume 100 l
Weight ok. 450 kg ok. 560 kg
Oil tank volume 20 l 20 l
Tank for salt 20 kg 20 kg
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