High pressure mobile machines without the water heating

Machines KD series are perfect for the works that need the high cleaning dynamics. We install the low speed (1400 RPM) pumps with the connecting rods and ceramic plungers, ending with the machines KD 4x4 where the working pressure reaches 280 bars and 1800 l/h of the water efficiency in the series of the industrial and super high pressure machines.

Types of the machines:
  • KD 823 4X4,
  • KD 1140 4X4,
  • KD 1340 4X4,
  • KD 1540 4X4,
  • KD 1840 4X4.

High pressure mobile machines with the water heating

EHRLE machines with the water heating guarantee the quick and effective battle against greasy dirt and they shorten the time of washing the large surfaces. Combination of hot water and the detergent removes the dirt faster and more precisely. Full control of the working parameters and high heating efficiency of the heating modules make possible to ideally adjust technology to the performed task.

Types of the machines:
  • HD 640 ETRONIC,
  • HD 1240 ETRONIC 2,
  • HD 1140 ETRONIC 2,
  • HD 940 ETRONIC 2,
  • HD 840 ETRONIC 2,
  • HDB 1240,
  • HDB 1540,
  • HDE 800 – 18 KW,
  • HDE 800 – 24 KW.

High pressure stationary machines without water heating

Series of the machines that is usually used in the professional carwashes and in the industrial plants where is already an access to hot water from the mains. They are also installed in the places where emission of the exhaust fumes in not possible.

Types of the machines:
  • KS 1040 Classic,
  • KSM 1840,
  • KSM 2740,
  • KSM 3640,
  • KSM 4540,
  • KSM 5440,
  • KSC 2040 ST.

High pressure stationary machines with water heating

EHRLE is an expert in the field of high pressure cleaning systems with water heating. We currently provide the market with the oil, gas or electric heating boiler. Thanks to that we are able to meet the needs of many customers.

Types of the machines:
  • HSC 1240 OIL,
  • HSC 1240 ST OIL,
  • HSC 1140 ST OIL,
  • HSC 840 ST – 18 KW,
  • HSC 1140 ST – 24 KW,
  • HSC 1140 – 30 KW,
  • HSC 1140 ST – GAS,
  • HSC 1140 OIL.
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