CarWash – technology module which consists of control system, high pressure pumps, heat boiler, valves and chemical tanks.

AquaClean – module for washing water treatment including filters, softener and reversed osmosis system together with demineralized water tank.

The entire technical equipment is located between the wash bays. Different self-service carwash system variations can be designed by combining several CarWash technology and AquaClean modules. The advantage of this system is the space-saving arrangement of the self-service wash bays. The space for a CarWash technology container is not required. This arrangement is particularly preferred for tight or angular plots.

A double softening system is installed in the AquaClean module which supplies a constant water quality even with 24 hour operation. The osmosis system ensures sufficient osmosis water and a smudge-free drying result. The CarWash Outdoor series of models is oil or gas-heated or supplied with electric heating.



The modules can be expanded in the modular system so that any number of self-service wash bays can be realized. If you would like to extend your self-service wash bays later on, this is no problem with CarWash Outdoor modules.

Available types of wash CarWash

See what's possible behind modular wash CarWash Outdoor.

  • CarWash Outdoor 2in1

    2 stations

    2 stations
  • CarWash Outdoor 3in1

    3 stations

    3 stations
  • CarWash Outdoor 4in1

    4 stations

    4 stations
  • CarWash Outdoor 2 x 2in1

    4 stations

    4 stations
  • CarWash Outdoor 2in1 + 3in1

    5 stations

    5 stations
  • CarWash Outdoor 2x3in1

    6 stations

    6 stations

CarWash Outdoor

Indoor view

CarWash Outdoor CarWash Outdoor

Technical data

Technical data Unit 1WB* 2WB* 3WB* 4WB*
Water consumption per wash bay l/h 660
Working pressure bar/MPa 130/13
Heating energy   Gas/Diesel/El. heating
Hot water oC 60
Heating power kW 35/18** 50/24** 74/36** 85
Water softening capacity m3/odH 2x120
Permeate capacity (R/O system)* l/d 7200
Osmosis tank volume* l 800
MicroPowder dosing system volume l 35
UltraProtection volume l 10
SuperFinish volume l 10
Power type PH/V/Hz 3/400/50
Connection power kW 6,8/24,8** 9/33* 11,2/47,2** 14,2
Dimensions L x W x H cm 472x80x209
Weight kg 1.360 1.450 1.540 1.630
Part no.   500 501 506 506

*Wash Bay

**depending on electrical heating power

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